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Chromebook Adoption Readiness

Softwatch Chromebook Adoption Readiness (CBAR) Assessment Solution detects Cloud Workers and provides unparalleled actionable data to enable the optimal adoption of Chrome Devices and accelerate remote working readiness.


Softwatch’ OptimizeIT provides a unique BI tool to assess customers’ readiness to move to cloud-based productivity suite with planning, executing and monitoring cloud transition projects and rightsizing Microsoft license spending.

OptimizeIT Premium

The OptimizeIT Premium service helps companies manage and optimize their end-user computing environment, delivering the data required to understand the real application usage of corporate users and optimize resources accordingly. The service is based on the ongoing collection of data regarding the actual usage of all desktop and web applications and services.

Remote Productivity Monitoring (RPM)

Softwatch Remote Productivity Monitoring solution (RPM) provides managers with the visibility of their workers’ productivity by analyzing the time workers use enterprise applications on a daily basis, and with initial insights on potential rightsizing opportunities for such applications