Softwatch’ OptimizeIT provides a unique BI tool to assess customers’ readiness to move to cloud-based productivity suite with planning, executing and monitoring cloud transition projects and rightsizing Microsoft license spending.

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Barry Hensch
Barry HenschHead of Technology & Data Enablement, Transformation
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"With the help of Softwatch analytics, ATB Financial effectively reduced its MS Office usage by 57 per cent, and the total interactive hours spent using each application over the last year dropped 61 per cent for Excel, 54 per cent for Word and 46 per cent for PowerPoint."
<br/>Thomas Bayard<br/>

Thomas Bayard
Program Director, at Cargotec.
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“Softwatch has assisted Cargotec in providing unique usage analytics, enabling the planning, execution and monitoring of G Suite adoption and removal of MS Office Licenses”
Graeme Hendry
Graeme HendryService Delivery Manager at AG Barr plc
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"...On top of that it's also given clarity to the Office vs Gsuite debate and will allow us during the refresh to make a conscious effort to get our teams more embedded in the Google Gsuite realm that we are invested in, the savings in hardware and software licensing can be significant, the Softwatch team have been great throughout"
<br/>Giovanni Brambatti

Giovanni Brambatti
IT Operations Manager at iGuizinni
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“Softwatch was a valuable partner in the migration phase of our Google G Suite project. The information provided by the Softwatch analysis allowed us to have a complete overview of the actual use of our software applications and provided better support in the migration to Google G Suite.”
<br/>Lucy Aston

Lucy Aston
CIO at Red Energy
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“Results of the Softwatch analysis revealed that Red Energy could reduce its dependency on its legacy productivity suite by more than 90 percent...Softwatch provided detailed analytics to help investigate and better understand our 'more intensive' Microsoft Office users, which helped with migrating users to the Google G Suite tools."
<br/>Harri Ihalainen

Harri Ihalainen
Rovaniemi's IT Manager
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“Rovaniemi mocked the use of Office's current situation with Softwatch software during the crackdown. The results were shocking: According to the report, the power users of Microsoft Office Word were 4.9% (129 users) and 1.9% (50 users) of Excel in the reporting period....at the moment, the city of Rovaniemi already has 3000 Chromebook’s in use."
<br/>Bob Kinney<br/>

Bob Kinney
VP Information Technology at Digital First
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“Digital First Media has successfully implemented Softwatch usage analysis solution to expedite the adoption of a wide range of G Suite services by company employees"
<br/>Alessandro Corti<br/>

Alessandro Corti
Innovation Specialist and Role Management Specialist at Fontana.
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“Fontana Gruppo expedites its G Suite adoption and reduces MS Office licenses using Softwatch OptimizeIT solution”