Softwatch Remote Productivity Monitoring solution (RPM) provides C-level & group managers with a BI tool for measuring, managing, controlling and improving workforce productivity on a company or a group level.

RPM focuses on enterprise applications and gives insights on potential rightsizing opportunities for such applications. Register for the service and get a 10-days free trial!

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Ludovic BIEHLERSystem Administrator and Networks
Delfingen, France
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"Softwatch CBAR allowed us to identify more than 40% of our users that were already ready to migrate on Chromebooks and 25% more that were in potential cloud workers. Whitelist/blacklist application customisation allows us to be sure that the report corresponds to our usage."
Holly Barham
Holly BarhamSupport Services Manager
The City of Asheville, USA
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"Yoav and Softwatch were extremely easy to work with. They worked with us to install a client on computers across our organization that allowed us to analyze how many end users could move off Windows machines and use Chrome machines. We were pleasantly surprised with the results! This data will inform future procurement and deployment decisions."
Emir Saffar
Emir SaffarCIO
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"Softwatch helped us get great insights into our app usage per device/employee. With minimal effort, we could decide which users were cloud-ready and which applications we would need to virtualize so that we could migrate the rest of the users to Chromebooks. Yoav was very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process. Overall a smooth experience!"
Robert Hurst
Robert Hurst Sr. Technical Project Manager
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
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"Healthcare IT is challenged to provide workstations with effective security & patching controls, while minimizing the complexity and cost -- Google Chrome cloud workstations fit this bill. Carving up our 12,000 PC Windows population into a project roadmap of Chrome replacements was made easier by using the SoftWatch solution. Its smart & lightweight data collection agent provided the analytics needed to make better informed decisions that are critical when engaging our clinical caregivers, technicians, and administrative support staff for these technology lifecycle changes."
Graeme Hendry
Graeme HendryService Delivery Manager at AG Barr plc
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"We used Softwatch to take the guesswork out or our laptop refresh project, making sure we could leverage the Chrome device range instead of placing expensive Windows devices, initial findings show we can leverage 60+ chrome laptops in place of Windows devices, with absolutely no impact, and the option to investigate 200+ more user cases where we can educate and migrate..."