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Pricing & Packages

The list Price is in USD (per user). Minimum order is 1,000 users.
Users are unique and if found on multiple devices, they will be considered as the same user.


G Suite/Microsoft
End-to-End Management of G-Suite Adoption Projects
$ 12 12 months license
  • MS Office/ G Suite
  • MS Office/ G Suite Usage
  • MS Office/ G Suite Adoption management
  • MS Office Savings projection
  • MS Office Macro detection
  • MS Office Collaboration detection
  • MS Office Decommissioning
  • MS Office Citrix analysis
  • MS Office Inventory
  • G Suite Quick Wins approach support
  • Analytics
  • User segmentation
  • Web conferencing analysis
  • Cloud
  • Storage analysis
  • Move to the Cloud
  • Best Practises
  • Premium enterprise support


G Suite/Microsoft
Usage of ALL Apps, Inventory Management
$ 16 12 months license
  • All Features of OptimizeIT Included
  • Chrombook Adoption Readiness (CBAR)
  • Cloud Workers Detection
  • Browser usage
  • Software license Optimization
  • Usage for all applications


Transition to the cloud
All OptimizeIT Premium services PLUS additional features included: CPU & Bandwidth analysis per user/application
$ 20 12 months license
  • All Features of OptimizeIT Premium Included
  • Bandwidth usage analysis
  • CPU Usage Monitoring
  • Memory usage monitoring

Chromebook Adoption Readiness

CBAR Solution

  • Chromebook Adoption Readiness – CBAR (Cloud Workers detection)
  • CBAR Assessment
$ 5 3 months

Remote Productivity Monitoring

RPM Solution

  • Measures, manages, controls and improves workforce productivity
  • Provides insights on potential rightsizing opportunities for enterprise applications
  • Free 10-days trial
$ 5 per user per month

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