Looking to move your enterprise applications to the cloud? Which applications are suitable to the cloud? How to prioritize the migration? How do you measure the migration success?

SoftWatch OptimizeIT Enterprise Service was designed to support the migration to the cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) by providing unique in-depth analytics to support decision making, planning and migration. Its unique ability to provide application resource profiling along with end user real usage analytics of any enterprise application, can help enterprises select the right applications, plan capacity, secure end user experience, support the migration process, validate performance and control costs.

The role of application usage analytics in migrating enterprise applications to the cloud

Throughout the entire process of migrating enterprise applications to the cloud, the availability of application usage analytics can dramatically impact the outcome. Informed decisions cannot be made out of blindness and guesstimates, and understanding the applications resource consumption and the end user usage patterns can be relevant to many important issues that need to be addressed.

The following examples are important questions that cannot be properly addressed without the availability of application usage information:

  • How do I determine which applications are suitable for the cloud?
  • How do I define the desired application architecture and needed capacity?
  • How do I select the right licensing plans
  • What is the risk of degradation of the end user experience? How do I define, plan and validate that the end user productivity is not negatively affected?
  • How do I plan a gradual migration?
  • How do I select the right population for a pilot?
  • How do I measure the migration success?
  • How do I build and execute an effective training plan?
  • How do I get an initial estimate of the costs involved?

Answering the above questions using real application usage information will substantially enhance the quality of planning and execution of a migration plan.

 OptimizeIT Enterprise Service  

OptimizeIT Enterprise Service is specifically designed to support enterprise applications migration to the cloud environment( SaaS , PaaS, IaaS) through providing application usage analytics that support decision makers and project managers in assessing suitability and readiness of enterprise applications to move to the cloud, plan the migration, monitor the progress and measure the outcome of the transition.

The main capabilities that are provided by the OptimizeIT Enterprise Service are:

  • Application resource profiling including:
    • CPU usage
    • Memory usage
    • Storage data such as throughput and I/O operations
    • Network throughput
  • End user activity profiling, including:
    • Total number of connected users
    • Segmentation of users to viewers, light users and heavy users
    • Users activity by departments
    • User activity by locations
    • User activity by functional entities
  • Application rating – the suitability of an application to move to the cloud based on application and user profiling using enterprise’s defined thresholds and cost considerations
  • License optimization
  • Pilot sampling – select a sample of end users that simulates the users’ activity of the whole enterprise
  • Planning and monitoring of training activities  
  • Ongoing monitoring and measurement of the target cloud environment, including:
    • Applications resource utilization
    • End user activity
    • End user experience

With the above capabilities, enterprises are far better equipped to make inform decisions, plan and execute their migration strategy to the cloud.

How it works

OptimizeIT Enterprise is a robust and scalable SaaS solution, suitable for supporting any size company that enables customers to have a quick assessment performed on their network without the need to install servers and perform any internal infrastructure changes. It’s secure, lightweight and has an extremely low footprint on the customer’s network.

By using a small easily deployable software agent, OptimizeIT Enterprise will collect statistical usage information from each user in the company and then securely transmit that information for encrypted storage.

Using a statistical approach enables a reduction of the number of calculations performed by the agent, shifting the load onto SoftWatch’s servers, thus ensuring that no additional load will strain the customer’s environment.

Seamless data collection

OptimizeIT Enterprise software agent collects relevant data from every laptop, desktop and terminal server. Once installed, the software agent begins collecting data on all installed and running applications; it also monitors web browsing information, application resource consumption, focus, and actual usage.

Secure communication

The data is then sent securely to SoftWatch’s cloud servers where it is analyzed using statistical models. Detailed reports are generated showing an aggregate view of all software usage and software inventory for real-time tracking, proactive monitoring and license portfolio management

SaaS environment

The agent installation package is pre-configured to match customers’ environments and avoids the typical confusion when implementing network-based reporting applications. The windows agent installation file is identical for all Microsoft® Windows®-based 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and the Mac agent supports the Leopard operating system and above

One-way transmission from software agent to server

The server never initiates contact with the software agent. Communication is always pushed from software agent to the service securely over an encrypted connection. The server never needs to “penetrate” the organization’s network. This extremely network-friendly configuration makes deployment very simple and intuitive and enhances security. The agent only requires access to the cloud servers on port 443 (https).

Easy deployment

The OptimizeIT Enterprise software agent is simply deployed on all the company’s computers to get an immediate network-wide view of all software applications (e.g. by software distribution mechanism). After the Agent is deployed, it runs in the background without disrupting users’ workspace. The management console intuitively maps the company’s software inventory, monitors software usage, sets alerts to flag potential problems, views actual license usage and generates historical usage reports. As a SaaS solution,

OptimizeIT Enterprise requires no ongoing maintenance. The Agent consumes very few system resources, with virtually no effect on host machines.

Secure Data Collection

The Agent immediately starts collecting all relevant applications usage data and sends the information to SoftWatch’s cloud servers for secure storage. There is no key logging whatsoever. SoftWatch uses a proprietary statistical model to determine interactivity and all analysis is done on the server side.


Once information is received on the server side, it goes through multiple batch jobs. To be validated, sanity checked, authenticated and then integrated into the database for secure encrypted storage. The data remains available for retroactive analysis. The analysis outputs the users’ applications runtime, focus time on applications, interactive time with applications and resource consumption. Reports are displayed via the web UI. Access to reports is encrypted and users can generate reports based on any date range they wish, provided agents reported information during that selected time period.