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Before you open a Support Ticket, Please verify:

Deployment Prerequisites:

  • The install must be run with a System user that has local administrator rights, with write permissions to \Program Files (x86)\OptimizeIT.
  • On Windows 10 local users should gain the following privileges: Read & Execute / List folder contents / Read to C:\Temp folder
  • The agent will send encrypted information to the server (US env: EU env: on port 443. The information will contain uploaded files and standard https traffic. Please configure your firewall / proxy accordingly.
  • For proxy configurations make sure that the System account has internet access.

If you are facing difficulties with the deployment process, please check your antivirus and firewall:

  • Your antivirus may be blocking agent activity. Use our provided MD5 signatures to add to the antivirus’s ignore list or white list.
  • Your firewall may be blocking the agent’s communication attempts.

For more information please read the Quick Install Guide below.

To open a support ticket please click the support button on the bottom-right