Collaboration Monitoring

One of the benefits of working in the cloud is the ability to collaborate. No, we don’t mean being able to work on the same file at the same time, but rather to actually work together in the same file. You actually don’t appreciate how effective and important this feature is when you don’t have it, but once you do it becomes very hard to work without it.

As users of the on premise version of Office, it’s very hard to estimate how in-demand this feature really is because people just find ways around it, but once you check out our Collaboration Monitoring capability you will find out exactly how may are potentially working on the same file. This way you don’t have to estimate the value online collaboration will have for your business – you can see it for your own eyes.

How does Collaboration Monitoring work?

By monitoring the names and locations of the files that users work on we can very accurately establish how many and which files require collaboration and more importantly find out which users are the ones behind the requirement.

You can even compare collaboration levels between departments, export all the collaboration data (including file access information) and use it for your own analysis.