SoftWatch Chromebook Adoption Readiness (CBAR) solution provides in depth analysis of the readiness to adopt Chromebook as an end user device for employees who base their work on web applications.

Cloud based applications are becoming more and more prevalent, more and more organizations are planning their move to the cloud. To help Softwatch came up with CBAR – a tool which shows real users’ application usage. Thus, providing the relevant data for decision makers. CBAR can help recognize:

  • Cloud Workers- workers who are ready to move to Chromebooks.
  • Potential Cloud Workers – workers who could potentially be Cloud Workers.
  • Desktop Workers – workers that use non- web applications to perform their jobs.

CBAR displays the exact level of dependency on non-web as well as web applications, to enable decision makers to design a practical plan for the mass adoption of Chromebooks.

Additional functionalities include:

  • Editing Applications Lists – Defining which application can be blacklisted, compatible, or watchlisted.
  • Application Tab – Demonstrates which users use each application.
  • Machines Tab – Provides machine information and which machines belong to which users.
  • Office Usage Tab – Demonstrates how many users use office applications.
  • Macro Usage Tab – Demonstrates how many users use files with macros.