Adoption Meter

Adopting new tools such as Office 365 or G Suite can take time. In fact, it’s a lengthy process and like any other process it has its ups and downs. We believe that you must be in control of the process by knowing what status it is in, at any given point in time. Let’s face it – without real monitoring tools it’s impossible to know what people are working on.

So how will you know what the adoption levels of your new cloud application are?


By running an ongoing analysis of OptimizeIT our service will continuously monitor which applications people work on. If they are still using the old on premise Office instead of the new Office 365 or Google you will know about it.

There are many benefits to monitoring the adoption level.

  • Identify early adopters of the new tools who can serve as change agents and expedite the adoption process
  • Know what’s really going on. It’s very easy to think that adoption is happenning when in fact people may still be using their old applications
  • Identify bottlenecks. Is there a specific department that’s not adopting the new product?
  • Identify types of usage in order to provide the right training to the right people
  • Prioritize. Tackle the major problems first (you can really see where they are)

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