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We founded Softwatch to assist organizations migrate their apps, workers and data to the cloud & we continue to do so today.

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Softwatch Technologies 2009 LTD was founded in the start-up nation of Israel. Softwatch has proven track record of hundreds of enterprise installations across all verticals and is globally accredited by leading CIOs and opinion leaders.

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US 9,727,706 B2

Methods Circuits Apparatuses Systems & Associated Computer Executable code for Metering Software usage.


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Enable enterprises to effectively manage the transition of business applications to the cloud Optimize software license spending in a hybrid cloud environment, based on real usage analysis Assist enterprises to reduce IT costs, identify waste and the under-utilization of applications as well as assist with transformative projects and cloud initiatives.


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A key enabler for effective cloud transformation & adoption projects based on factual enterprise applications’ usage analysis and clear business case. 

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